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About 12 years ago, I was able to vote in the UK for the first time but, as an apathetic 20-something, I had no plans to.  Mr. Fizgig was shocked to hear this and practically pushed me out the door, reminding me that women died so that I would have the right to vote.

This year, I was eligible to vote in the US for the first time. Never before have I been so glad to have my small voice heard against the oppression of women, minorities, and basic human rights.

Here’s a quick disclaimer: I am an independent voter. I am also a straight, white woman who believes in separation of church and state.

I do not believe that Obama’s presidency has been perfect.  With regard to fiscal issues, I think he has made mistakes and I think we still have a while to go before this country gets back on its feet.  The U.S. is not unique in this, however.

But I admire Obama’s stance on social issues and his attempt to make health care affordable for everyone.  And, finally, a president who will not only repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, but also come out of the gay marriage closet.

It doesn’t matter that you were born to and raised by a mum and/or a dad, or two mums, or two dads. That we are loved and nurtured is the most important thing. Regardless of our gender or age, we all of us need positive role models of both sexes.

How else do we create a society that is respectful towards all its members?  How does a country so divided on fundamental human rights issues expect to rebuild itself? It seems incredible to me that there are politicians trying to set back social progress by fifty or more years.  Shouldn’t we be moving forward?

Unfortunately, Romney only represents the old, white, straight, rich man who must be either impotent or celibate, because he doesn’t need to worry about birth control, but who is otherwise so healthy he doesn’t use Medicare.

That doesn’t sound like a real person to me.


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