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Perspective.  It’s always there, and never the same.

Duck or Rabbit?

I think about perspective every time I am reminded that I am as tall as I am — whether an obvious exclamation or genuine request for help (usually in the grocery store, by someone sheepishly asking me to pass them something from up high)… or pick up my camera… or admire a trompe l’oeil painting… or try to put myself in someone else’s shoes… or try to ‘think outside of the box’… or remind myself that the grass is always greener… (or is it?)

I recently came across two artists who each challenge our perspectives beautifully.

The first, Christine Sun Kim, is a deaf artist who visually explores sound.  I find that fascinating!

I take my excellent hearing for granted and would be hard pressed to think about how to present sound in a visual context.  (Remember that childhood song, I Can Sing a Rainbow?  To prove my point, the line in it, “listen with your eyes and sing everything you see” always drove me mad… until now!)

Photographer Todd Selby made a short film about Sun Kim “to act as an artistic conduit for her to tell her story to the world”.  Through his eyes, we see her visual exploration of sound.  Watch the film here:

The second artist I discovered, Zander Olsen, plays around with perspective by wrapping and photographing trees to “construct a visual relationship between tree, not-tree and the line of horizon according to the camera’s viewpoint.”

I like how, through his lens, Olsen offers you just one perspective to challenge your own!

And now I’m thinking of how to wind down this post.  Another person might have an obvious conclusion, but not me, not tonight: my dog is whining at my feet to say he’s hungry and, from his perspective, he just can’t understand and why I’m still staring at something and tapping noises.

So, you tell me.  What’s your take on perspective?



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