Week 50

December 16, 2012 · 0 comments

Things that made me…


No, this isn’t Photoshop! Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde creates clouds indoors through the clever use of a meticulously climate-controlled room and a fog machine. Isn’t it lovely? It makes me appreciate the fragility of nature all the more.


Schrödinger’s Cat explained


Sound-Maker from Tipsy, my favourite experimental lounge band

…pick my jaw up off the floor:

I recently came across an email I’d written back in 2003, in which I bragged that our new computer had two (two!) hard drives — one with a 60 (sixty!) gig capacity just to run the machine, the other with a massive 250 (two-hundred-and-fiiiiiiftyyyyy!) gig hard drive for data storage. Less than ten years later, it’s practically peanuts, and almost as cheap.  I remembered this when I came across this photo of a 5MB hard drive that, in 1956, weighed a ton. A ton for the storage equivalent of an average jpeg!

Then I found that old-skool dial-up sound and found myself getting almost nostalgic. Not really.

And then I learned why a computer bug is called a computer bug.  It’s closer to the truth than you’d think…

…want to create:

I’m getting really into this canning thing and am even selling my Habanero jam by request!  But my next canning experiment might have to be this recipe for Honey Chestnut Butter from Food in Jars — mmm-MM!

…rock out to a different kind of music:

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