flaurena™ Turns Three!

December 6, 2011 · 4 comments

It seems hard to believe that three years ago this evening, I launched flaurena™, my collection of sculptural art jewellery.  (Thanks again, Blue, for hosting my inaugural evening!)

Our cross-country move has taken longer than we anticipated it would, for a variety of reasons that could not have easily been predicted.  In hindsight, I should have made room in the trunk of our car for a box of jewellery supplies and wire tools.  Instead, they are locked away in a storage facility on the other side of the country.

Sadly, it’s been a quiet year on the jewellery-making front and I have missed bending, twisting, and coaxing wire into shape.  I weighed up the practical cost of buying duplicate tools, wire, and crystals against the pleasure of having a much missed outlet for my creativity.  Creativity won — but my practical jewellery mind was rusty:  silly me, I ordered hard wire, instead of half-hard.  Tsk!  Hard wire is rather brittle and doesn’t lend itself well to my usually more intricate designs.

And so the shiny but brittle wire lay untouched… until now.

But a problem is only a problem if you can’t figure out a solution — so I had to adapt my technique to accommodate what shape the wire could hold.  An organic design began to form in my head… and my fingers knew what to do.

For the second year running, I am supporting The Charley Hoffman Foundation whose mission is to help raise money and awareness for several children’s organizations.  I have donated this necklace to the Foundation’s silent auction, to be held in Del Mar, CA in January 2012.

My courage to create jewellery has been rekindled.  So, I called this piece Effervescence because it looks like a close-up of soap bubbles, and that made me feel rather jolly — a spirit I hope to pass on to the person who wears it.

When I rub my thumb and finger together, I can feel a slightly sore, papery spot.  It’s a tiny callus reforming.  Hello, old friend.

P.S.  It will be a while before I can restock my Etsy Store, but I’d be delighted to create something special just for you!  Feel free to email me with your thoughts and questions.

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